So far

It has been long since I have blogged and I really do miss it here. The move to my fatpocket was delayed. The layout and everything was a mess! Everything was not properly done up. Even my contract with them was not done up even after so many months! Thus, I thought maybe it the moment I should stick to this. Well we will see how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Less few months was a blur! The summary of it was just lots of changes, being poor and tons of drilling to be a more awesome me :).

Remember I saying that I am to dairy down my personal experiences of my journey in Sports here in Singapore? So far, Since June, I have been gymming and training and sticking to my diet and determination! With the chance to participant in the SEA Games in October, I have taken up Speed skating instead of my usual area in freestyle sliding. With this come commitment to get on for trainings every mon, wed and sunday morning. Honestly speaking, like everyone else, I do feel the drain and have negativeย  thoughts of giving up!

Also with Miss Singapore World coming on, I was given another reason to keep to the gym and my dieting plans. Like tomorrow, a typical Sunday morning, I would have already woke up at 6am for speed training, 10am for the pageant’s gym training, then some grooming after… Yes I should be in bed.

4 more hours to sleep only as of ytd…