I have just been talking to my neighbor who has his own sport business. It sets me thinking, as I am laying on my bed, thinking about business. So far, I have been taking my time to do what I feel like doing. It is about time I start knowing what I want to do and get on with it. I am not talking about emotion or like what I have been doing my past two years, doing what I want, but something more meaningful that allow me to set my goal, time n effort into it and bring in profit. I need to start thinking and be focus instead of thinking like as an unsure child! I do want it to bring up the entire sport industry in Singapore.

Meanwhile, I should be joining the SEA games in speed skating. So tomorrow is my sort of my 1st training! I am Looking forward to cover more of these journey with u here, showing how athletes in Singapore shed for their sports, as we participate in the SEA games. For now, good night. I am dozing off!