My fatpocket

Met up with Yen, Chief editor of My fatpocket. Some of you might have heard of them if you are doing alot of blog reading. My fatpocket have a group of resident bloggers who blog and do adverts for them. Celestina, Elaine Yuki, Cordelia, Jessebelle, June Wee and Hui Rong are all resident bloggers from myfatpocket. This time, They have extended their invitation for me to be part of the team. :Xxx I can tell you that I am feeling pretty much excited!

We have talk about quite a bit of stuff. With My fatpocket, I can not only go towards my direction of creating a platform to market and expand Sport but also look for more sponsor interested in sports to help the whole sporting industry. Now i am not daring to say much. However, I am really anticipating to how much the future contains. πŸ™‚

With me graduating in a month’s time, I will be looking forward to focus myself into sports and media. I hope to give my best shot at my sport, Inline skating. Go semi- professional, with training, gym and diets.
As Inline skating do not have a National Sport association for it, we kind of have to stand on our own. We have to be our own coach. With my International competition coming up in October, and national competition in just 2 weeks time, we have barely enough time to train! I hope to cover this journey of trying to go full time into being an self-sustain athlete and see how it goes, sharing the journey online. πŸ™‚

With modeling, events, fashion and designs! πŸ™‚