RedBull Sepang selection

Last weekend was a craze.We had our Redbull 3rd round of selection which 6 girls will be eliminated from the 12. For this selection, we got to race on the racetrack of Sepang circuit, and learn Defensive driving!

10 of us took a trip down to Malaysia, Sepang, which is 20mins drive from KL. It was Friday evening when we started our journey from Singapore. The bus ride took us 6 hours with a 1hr dinner break in between, but the bus ride was amazing. As it was a female driver search, most of the passenger are girls, so we had our fair usual bitching and gossiping plus girl talk and advice with interviews of all the girls background! It was an enjoyable. We arrived at our hotel at 1am, Saturday.

Morning was a chorus with only 4 hours of sleep and theory lesson for defensive driving! The only eye wakening parts was, video clip of human heads being smashed and quash, clips of accidents, plus food.
Afternoon was alot more interesting, with all the girls having their try at slalom, skiding and abit of drifting. Oil, water and cones arranged for our obstacles.

Dinner was one with celebration, after all the cramming of defensive driving skill in our head, each one of us graduated with the Certificate of Defensive Driving!!! It was at Shonyu Japanese Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid Shopping center. The sponsor really fed us well.

After our buffet dinner, we had our Free and easy shopping time which me and felicia grab the rest to ice skate instead! You know, I would never miss a chance to skate anytime, plus, it was so much cheaper there!

The 2nd day was Track day, Sunday. We all got up at 5am to check out. Imagine our eyebags!
The scene of Sepang Circuit however, still raced our hearts when we arrived! With the redbull cars lined up for us, we split up into groups to test the circuit under the wings of the instructor we are assigned to. It wasnt as smooth as it seem with 15 turns mostly enough to spin you out of the track, but that is the challenge plus the thrill.

The defensive lesson came in handy with the drift at some turns. It was mind challenging as well, as to hit the best timing, you have to cut the shortest route of the track even if your eyes and heart are against it.

Than the results are announced with various media from Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.

I got in the Top 6!

The next round of selection is on the 17th – 20th March. Boot camp, where we will be test of our ability to listen to instructions and teamwork. How upset am I to miss school the few days plus the Cleo Bachelor contest! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I really wish there have been a better dates…

However, I am really glad to be part of this contest. Learning much from this weekend’s experience and the sponsors are amazing and thoughtful. With great accommodation, food and carefully planned schedule, and even a letter and welcome gift in the room when we arrived, made the whole experience even more memorable and special to us.

To the rest of the female drivers, everyone of the 12, I believe our driving can now kick some guys ass. ๐Ÿ˜€