This evening we will be heading to Malaysia, KL, Sepang for the Redbull’s 2nd selection for the Singapore Female Driver search! Isnt this exciting? πŸ˜€
We will be racing this time at Sepang Race Track, a day lesson in Defensive driving, with Japanese Buffet to look forward to at night! It will be a small all girls kind of break for me before I go back into rushing my assignment and school is starting again next week! Zzz

Last night was awesome as well with the Puma event in Blue Jazz! We were all having such a great time as after-hours athletes! Table tennis, table soccer, and skating all inside of the pub, with super R&B music and free flow! Perfect for fun loving athletic people! Check out http://www.puma-social.com with all the new events in town! Join me for the Next event at 19 March! I promise it will be fun.