My 1st Love

An emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

In love, I may not have give out in the most selfless manner, but I have given and I have truly treasure.

Now that it is the time to part, I miss and hold all dearly to the heart, hopefully never to grow old and forget.
Each Roses, kisses and time we had together. In tears and joy, my first vivid feel of feelings.

This change is inevitable for the best for each and both.

All that can be done now is hoping and praying, for the best of the future; holding uncertainty paths and answers.

May we meet again, if things work out, each more mature and sensible, to be more deeply in love and ready.

If not with blessing of our own, blessing from each.


Have love you truly and this love never to be replace.

I am sorry that I could not make our love simple, that I couldn’t accept your love whole heart-edly, that I am unsatisfied even with the best you have given me