RedBull Go-Kart Race

Yesterday was a extremely hot day with selected 24 ladies racing to get into next selection for redbull female Singapore driver search!

Before the interview with the press and Redbull team, we had lots of Kitkats, Oreos, with even more Redbull drinks for breakfast. The official race started off with the Redbull team and the media race before the 8 female drivers for each race set off. Out of all 24 girls, the top 10 with the best lap timing qualify for the 2nd race which is a lap race!! It look harder than it seems, with lots of room for drifting, but I managed to get the 2nd best lap timing for my round. It was amazing.. Still I did not got qualify to the next round of lap race and got to eat the lunch buffet instead. lol

When the result were out I was indeed surprise!! I got in the Top 10 female driver selection! πŸ˜€ Apparently the selection was done base on the girl driving ability not just the fastest lap time.

The top 10 finalist were featured on Today’s newspaper! Looking forward to Next week race at Sepang, Malaysia race track! Especially when it is a all girls trip.. with Racing! ^^