Today’s post is about Dreamplus. It is a a sports agency, which I am involved with. It work by finding Sponsors whom will sponsor Dreamplus as an organization, thus supporting its athletes in their pursuit of excellence; both on & off the field.
“For Student Athletes By Student Athletes”
Our Mission
To provide Student Athletes in our program the opportunity & mentorship to develop a life of excellence: striving for sporting gold and academic excellence.
Our Vision
To see our Student Athletes’ interest & welfare being safeguarded while donning the National Colours at respective sports & excelling in studies.
Our Dreams

With a strong foundation of Dream+, in assisting Student Athletes in their resource development efforts to support their sports & academic needs, we aspire to thrive & be an external family to the talented Student Athletes; mentoring & supporting them through their growth and maturation as a person, ready to take on life’s challenges.

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=16692&id=100000286833182#!/dreamplus

This time round we are so excited as Li Ning is going to be our Dreamplus apparel sponsor!


Looking forward to get our custom made apparels for each of our individual Sports! Competition shirts with sponsors Logos! Isnt that an athlete’s dream?