The 1st post

My reason for starting this blog is not only for sharing my personal experiences but an attempt to create a platform to give Singapore’s Sport the much needed publicity, which I hope will boast up Singapore’s Sports industry. Hopefully my status as a Inline skating athlete and my recognition as a model will aid to bring in more exposure.

Having competed Nationally and Internationally, I feel the difficulties that athletes in Singapore face. Despite representing our nation and wining medals, we do not get much recognition, much less rewards. Constantly lack of funding, support and publicity from our government, the athletes in Singapore are constantly struggling to keep their sports going and themselves competitive. Much can be done but constantly problems still arise and many because of political reasons from the Sporting government. I cant say that I am very clear about how things work politically especially from the SSC (Singapore Sport Council) side, but despite whatever is written or said, most of the time nothing much seems to be improved.

Therefore from this I hope to create awareness, generating interest, helping the athletes in Singapore get the publicity they need and hopefully getting the public’s support, changing the situation of Sports industry in Singapore; bringing advertising and sports together, encouraging healthy lifestyle and improving the economy.